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LOOK! It's Indie Jesus!

We taste every one of your words.

It's Indie Jesus!
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[Warning: You don't have to be a The Strokes fan to join!]

Originally created in honor of The Strokes' Julian Casablancas whose initials are JC, oh, GODdamn coincidence, those are the same as... Jesus, it's Indie Jesus!
So that's where it all started, but this community is also for all the (good-looking) lead singers from indie, emo, grunge, alternative, punk, rock, or whatever-what-kind-of-music bands [and their apostles, meaning : their fellow bandmates]. You don't have to like all of the singers listed, or even Julian Casablancas, as long as you follow the 10 commands.

Join. It's free :)

This community is for posting pictures, worshipping, giggling, being shallow, (girl or guy)fan-talking. It has no intent to shock, but is merely for our own drooling pleasure. If you think this is immature, well too bad 'cause being a fan rules.

The 10 indie commands:

1. Thou shall not be blasphemous towards our indie Gods.
2. Thou shall disagree with other members' taste, but not blast their worshipping. (Which would ressemble the 1st one...)
3. Thou shall post when you join. And if you do include text, post worthy text, not unrelated randomness. If you don't post a week after joining, we'll take you off : we need active members only.
4. Thou shall not pimp your own site/journal/community in this comm.
5. Thou shall not steal copyrighted elements.
6. Thou shall appreciate the music, as well as the looks. If not, well you can still join if you really want to, but don't be pissed if us, real fans, are gonna post about tour dates, and such things.
7. Thou shall not start drama, or thou shall be banned from the blessing of our Gods.
8. Thou shall not join for ranting purposes.
9. Thou shall lj-cut nude and/or violent pictures and warn possibly underage viewers in capital letters.
10. Thou shall lj-cut excessively huge pictures and/or if you post more than 3 pictures.

Maintained by nonefaker and co-maintained by duskshadows and morbido_cristal

Requests are welcome!